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10 Tips You Must Know On How To Negotiate a Salary

10 Tips you must know on how to negotiate a salary

Every worker has a pay day. Their payment can come as salary or wages.

Whichever may be the way, before one can get paid, he/she must be hired or employed first.

In every organization, there are people who work more and get a less pay while there are those who work less and gets a bigger pay.

It all depends on the organization /company, the employer and the employee.

So whatever may be the case, you should always go for the best but there are protocols to follow.

Well, in this article on Legitnote, we’ll be talking about salary negotiation but before that, let’s talk about employment and salary first.

What Is Employment

Employment is simply defined as the work or occupation for which one is used, and often paid.

There are so many jobs in the world which require manpower, skills or intelligence.

People tend to seek for employment to raise money and carter for their personal or family needs.

However, people often get employed for;

•             Skill they acquired

•             Their certificate acquired

•             Expertise

Whatever may be the case, employment is very necessary in a society.

Because there are so many needs to carter for, so you need a job in other to earn and take care of yourself and needs.

What Is Salary Negotiation?

We are going to teach you everything you need to learn in this article.

Because it’s ours duty to make sure we explain everything bit by bit for the better understanding of our readers.

We want you to have a unique experience reading our article that’s why we stay committed to serving the best article structures you like.

Now, let’s begin by defining salary.

Salary is simply a fixed amount of money paid to workers, usually measured on a monthly or annual basis, not hourly, as wages implies a degree of professionalism and/or autonomy.

For every work done, one must get paid, either in cash or with words, like thank you.

Nevertheless, no work can be done unpaid for.

People need to survive, buy some stuffs for themselves that’s why they needed job.

How To Negotiate A Salary

Anyone starting a new job should bear it in mind that he will be negotiating a salary.

In fact according to salary.com, 37% negotiates their salary, 18% don’t while 44% never for once negotiate their salary.

They don’t ask for salary negotiation because of fear.

They are afraid they won’t get hired or they will get their employer annoyed by asking for salary negotiation.

So they tend to keep mute and accept whatever salary structure they throws at them.

Sometimes it becomes life threatening and can make one become depressed.

This usually occur when you are paid below your work, below the energy you put in and below your expenses.

So, it’s advisable to discuss and negotiate if necessary the salary structure with your employer.

If you are to work in an organization or company and they pays you $120,000 while they pay others $150,000 for the same job done.

You’ll see that you have to work extra years to become rich as they are, because of your low income compared to theirs.

Whichever way, it’s high time you learn how to negotiate a salary structure during a job interview.

So here, I’ll be listing the Tips on salary negotiation and how to wisely get the best out of it without any issue.

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1 .Know Your Worth: 10 Tips you must know on how to negotiate a salary.

For any company to employ you, that mean you have a value.

They know you have a worth and a value you are going to be adding or contributing to the growth of their organization.

Therefore, before you embark on a journey of salary negotiation, first of all know the going rate of your position in that particular industry or community.

 Below are how to know the rate of your position;

By Enquiring From People

Yes, you can ask people who are in the organization or in such position you are vying for.

While making this enquiry, please make sure you get the best out of it.

Don’t fall for ender pay scale, which will tell you ‘’we pay men this amount and women this amount’’.

By Researching Online

Online research is a very good idea.

When you get your research online, you are likely to be getting the real information.

However, there are sites where you can get such answers on your position rate and value from.

The sites are Glassdoor or Payscale.

2 .Enquire From Recruiters: 10 Tips you must know on how to negotiate a salary.

There are so many ways to get the answer you are looking for and talking to recruiters is one of the best ways.

As a job seeker preparing for an interview, look for a way to contact any employee recruiter you can get.

Tell him/her your problem, explain it the way you have it on your mind.

Ask them some reasonable questions like, ‘’what is my actual responsible in this position?’’.

Listen to their answers and from there you can even pick the salary best for your position by yourself.

Because when you know your responsibility, the energy you’ll be putting in, the value you’ll create for the company, you’ll likely know the kind of salary best fit for you.

3 .Have The Particular Number In Mind

Your employer already know our value and there’s usually an already set salary structure for your position

So he’ll try to price you down with the mindset that you’ve already done proper research.

Let’s say for example, your salary suppose to be $90,000 but you’ll hear him say, ‘’Mr. Man we’ll pay you $86,820.

With this, you should be able to think fast and know that your salary is $90,000, so try and stand firm and politely insist on $90,000.

4 .Don’t Be Scared To Walk Away

Don’t allow yourself to be used without any benefit.

Always be willing to walk way and don’t be afraid to say ‘’NO’’.

When they bring a salary structure you don’t like, politely say no.

Turning down an offer when it’s detrimental to you is a thing you shouldn’t hesitate to do.

Because when you do, it makes your employer have the impression that you actually knows your worth.

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5 .Make Sure You are Equal To The Task

Before you can even imagine asking for a salary increment (if hired already), or negotiating a salary (as applicant) make sure you are up to the task.

Make sure you can give more than they ask, in this way you can maintain a very nice impression about you in the company.

It can also attract automatic promotions and awards from the company.

So don’t be greedy when negotiating your salary with your boss and don’t forget your worth and value at the same time.

6 .Do a Proper Rehearsal Before: 10 Tips you must know on how to negotiate a salary.

Before you even think of going for a job interview, try and do a proper rehearsal.

Stand in front of your mirror and rehearse as much as you can until you are satisfy.

Don’t go there and mess yourself, always prepare ahead of time.

Remember, they say ‘’practice makes perfect’’.

so, when are don with the preparation ask yourself some certain questions you’d be expecting from your employer and see if you can answer it perfectly.

 7 .High Your Morale: 10 Tips you must know on how to negotiate a salary.

When going for a job interview where you would also discuss a salary structure for you is always frightening.

Remember, your employer too is receiving a salary from his boss too, so will he accept underpayment?.

The answer is ‘’no’’.

Don’t panic when they ask you ‘’how much do you want us to pay you ?’’.

This is the point where you show your level of intelligence or stupidity, always bear in mind, no company is willing to hire someone who doesn’t know his worth.

8 .Go In With Confidence

When entering into the interview room, go in with confidence.

You don’t just walk into the interview room feeling nervous or with a faint face and expect the conversation to be smooth ridden.

But when you wear confidence like cloth, put on a smiling face with great vibes and enthusiasm, you’d win your employer and make them like you.

Once your employer likes your energy, it gives you a bonus ahead of others and they’ll likely ask you just few simple strategic questions.

If you are able to impress them again without much struggle, there’s every tendency you are going to be hired.

9 .Ask Strategic Questions

People fails to ask question but only concentrating on answering them.

While you are answering questions, it’s true you won’t know the answer to every question, so why wanting to fail a question when you can ask and listen for answer.

By asking questions, you’ll get to know the things your employer wants, his/her priority, do’s and don’ts, through this you can know how to adjust your self while answering his own questions.

10 .Display Your Abilities: 10 Tips you must know on how to negotiate a salary.

There are several ways to display your abilities in every job interview room.

Don’t just rely on the thought of once you are employed you’ll showcase our ability, no show a an ecerpt from it there.

Give your employer he reason to believe that you are the right person to hire or employed.

Don’t just stand one place, tell him a brief story with a captivating instance that will capture the atmosphere of trust and belief that you are the one for the job.

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Conclusion on : 10 Tips you must know on how to negotiate a salary.

you’ve seen the ways you can win on a salary negotiation with your employer.

you have also seen the tips that will help you on the journey.

so when next you go for an interview and it gets to salary negotiation, you’ve seen how to go about it and win.

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