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5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Get Admission In POLAC

5 Things you must do if you want to get admission in POLAC

Nigeria Police Academy Wudil-Kano State is popularly known as POLAC.

It is a prestigious Degree awarding institution accredited by the Nigeria Universities Commission in 2012.

Nigeria Police Academy is recognized as one of the federal universities in Nigeria with full accreditation.

Located in Wudil local government area of Kano state, Polac has a very cool environment which enables her potential cadets to have a conducive environment for learning and combat training.

This academy is only located in Kano state and it’s also the only Police Academy in Nigeria

It trains cadets and they will get commissioned by the President of The federal Republic Of Nigeria As Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP I).

Just Like Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA), POLAC is positioned to admitted almost a fixed number of cadets every year.

These admitted cadets, compulsorily undergoes a 4 years degree academics coupled with police combat training in their various departments.

Over the years, aspirants has been complaining that they applies for Polac every year, yet they are denied admission.

That’s the reason we coupled this article for you so that you’ll understand the POLAC admission Process and how you can get admitted easily.

In this article on Legitnote, I’ll be talking about the protocols and principles to follow before you can be considered to be given admission in polac.

But before that, let’s talk about Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil-Kano.

Faculties and Departments In POLAC

Nigeria Police Academy (POLAC) is a degree awarding institution with Four Faculties.

The faculties are

  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Art and Humanities
  • Faculty of Education

These faculties have several departments allocated in them. Like the faculty of Sciences have five departments.

They are;

  1. Department of Biochemistry
  2. Department of Biological Sciences
  3. Department of Mathematics
  4. Department of physics
  5. Department of Chemistry

Faculty of Law has only one Department, which is the

  1. Department of Law.

Faculty of Art and Humanities has four departments, they are;

  1. Department of Political Science
  2. Department of Accounting
  3. Department of Sociology
  4. Department of Management Science

While Faculty of Education has one Department, which is;

  1. Department of English and Literally Studies

How To Apply For Polac Admission

Applying for POLAC is not as difficult as you may think, but with few knowledge you’ll apply without any hitch.

Before you can apply for POLAC, you must have a course you want to study in the academy as a cadet.

There are few steps to successfully apply for polac admission, these steps are compulsory.

Below are the steps;

  • First and foremost, you have to pick up the jamb form online.
  • Make sure you put POLAC as your first choice, in the space provided for federal universities.
  • Put the course you want to study in POLAC
  • After that, go ahead and pick up the POLAC admission for on POLAC website (www.polac.edu.ng)
  • Generate your  RRR via remita
  • Proceed to make payment of N3,500 in the Bank, with the RRR you Remitted
  • Fill the form and put the course you want to study there as well
  • Make sure the course you chose in jamb form is the same thing your POLAC form
  • After filling the form with all correct information you were required to provide
  • Click submit.
  • That’s all

You see how simple it is to pick up the jamb form.

Some aspirants are sometimes confused on the when to pick the POLAC admission form.

If you are in this category of people, don’t worry I’ll explain everything for you here.

Before you can pick up POLAC admission form, first go to the Academy site @www.polac.edu.ng and check if they have released the application form.

Where Can I Pick Up POLAC Form?

So many aspirants are always confused when it gets to this.

POLAC admission form can only be purchased on the Academy website with the sum of N3,500.

Don’t let anyone to defraud you, avoid scammers that will tell you otherwise.

So, when it’s the time for admission POLAC always makes the announcement via the Academy site and Newspaper.

So don’t fall for prey to this scammers here and there.

How Can I Pass Polac Entrance Exam?:

Passing POLAC Entrance Examination is as easy as ABC.

But when you don’t follow the simple instructions, you may find the examination very difficult.

Just like every other examination, Polac, Is very strict when it comes to setting their exam questions.

But if you pass Jamb examination, you should be able to pass POLAC examination without stress.

In fact, POLAC doesn’t have a special question, they set questions mainly from JAMB questions.

Because they know you wrote jamb and jamb questions are very standard, so they takes alignment from there.

So, if you are preparing for POLAC Entrance Examination, Try and make a huge reference to Jamb Past Question.

And also POLAC ENTRANCE EXAMINATION QUESTION, we’ll be introducing soon, here on LEGITNOTE as an EBOOK with just a token you’ll have it all on your gadget.

On the entrance examination day, try as much as possible to be in your exam centre very early.

Its advised that those coming from a long distance should come and lodge somewhere closer to their exam centre.

Also make sure you are there at least 30 minutes before the examination time to be able to do some printing and some other things if necessary without missing your exam.

Then, on the examination day, try as much as possible to maintain a total silence while writing exam to avoid been chased out of the hall.

Nigeria Police is very serious and strict when it comes to the matters that concerns POLAC because that is where Future IGP, DIGs, AIGs, Commissioner of Police, will be coming from in the nearest future.

So they take their matters seriously because once you become a POLAC cadet, you have automatically becomes a Federal Gentleman or Lady.

So try as much as you can to respect yourself that day, and avoid examination malpractice, because if you are caught, you may likely end in Police Cell.

 5 Things you must do if you want to get admission in Nigeria Police Academy, Kano.

As an aspirant, your civilian mentality must have changed to having the mind of a regular.

Regular cadets are worth gold and silver for the fact that Nigeria is concerned.

Therefore getting admission in POLAC requires seriousness in everything you do.

During the process, you’ll likely meet fraudsters and scammers who will claim to be the commandant of the Nigeria Police Academy, Kano.

Some will claim to be a staff or lecturer in POLAC, or a Police Officer in POLAC just to rip you off your money.

So be very careful and avoid been scammed and regret later.

POLAC admission is transparent and strait forward.

I’ll be listing the 10 Things you must do if you want to get admission in POLAC

 1 .Be Ready To Become A Cadet: 5 Things you must do if you want to get admission in POLAC.

As an aspirant with your civilian mentality, you have to change it to cadet regularship mentality.

When you do this, you’ll be able to think and reason far, knowing fully well that being a cadet is golden.

Then, you’ll put in all your effort while preparing for your JAMB and POLAC Entrance.

And makes sure you pass them in flying Colors.

2 .Avoid Scammers: 5 Things you must do if you want to get admission in POLAC

You’ll be thrilled that you don’t need to know anyone before you can get admitted in POLAC.

You just have to remove that mentality of ‘’you nust have connections before you can get admission in POLAC’’.

Because, with this mentality, you’ll be sinked to the level where you’ll loose hope.

When you lose hope, you’ll stop working hard towards it because you believe that whether you work hard or not, the admission is for those with connections only.

However, if you have this kind of mentality, you can easily be scammed without trace of your scammer.

Be careful, because those scammers won’t pity your money when they have access to it.

 3 .Follow Instruction:5 Things you must do if you want to get admission in POLAC

Follow the instructions, don’t be in a haste to do anything, always the instructions listed on the POLAC site.

Don’t always pay attention to what people are saying before they will confuse you.

Make sure you get your information directly from POLAC site.

4 .Make Sure The Information You Provided Are Real

Avoid Impersonation and make sure all the information about yourself you provided is real and legit.

To avoid been screen out, don’t forge certificate or result.

5 .Comport yourself

Self comportment are what POLAC Cadets are known for, so try in as much as possible to comport yourself when you come for the interview.

You’ll be tested on the basis of health, physical fitness, and oral. So be patient and comport yourself for the four days you’ll be spending in the academy During Interview and Screening.

Conclusion on 5 Things you must do if you want to get admission in POlAC.

Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, Kano State, is the only Police Academy In Nigeria.

The Institution has produced So many prominent officers ranging from IGPs, DIGs, AIGs and the rest.

So if you are opportune to be a cadet, you already have a brighter future ahead of you.

You’ve seen the ways to get admission in POLAC without stress.

You’ve also seen the kind of courses offered in Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil Kano.

I wish you goodluck as you apply for POLAC.

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