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6 useful things about iphone you don’t know. Check It Out Now!.

6 useful things about iphone you don’t know. Check It Out Now!.

Everyone know the latest smart phone in the world now is iphone.

It was launched 13 years, and after it’s launch, it swept other phone model like Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, etc., off their feet.

Iphone came into existence and other smart phones became old-fashioned.

Ranfing from it’s camera, smartness, fingerprint, and also some features it has inbuilt that other phone lacks.

Yes, iphone came with a high cost price, yet people preferred it to some other phones because it’s amazing features, performance and smartness.

There are so many things iphone can do that you don’t really know it could ever do.

Here on Legitnote, I’m going to be listing and explaining them one after the other in an arranged other, so that you can get the best out of your iphone.

First of all, let’s talk about how to customize iphone.

How To Customize iPhone

1 .Activate The Hidden Touchpad: 6 useful things about iphone you don’t know. Check It Out Now!.

If you buy a new iphone or you are a newbie in the iphone world and you want to enjoy your phone by customizing it o your personal taste.

 Now if you check, you’ll notice there’s a hidden touchpad in the secretly placed on your hidden touchpad you don’t know about.

There are so many ways to find this secrete touch pad. In some newly manufactured iphones or tab, you need to press down on any of the keys and the keyboard will appear.

When the keyboards appears, it will become blank and you can place you finger on it, move it around, while the cursor moves with you.

Another way to do this is, though it varies on the type of iphone you are using. In some iphones, you’ll have to hold down on the space bar to be able to access this particular mode.

You use this to move around in a document by simply placing your cursor on the email, note or text.

2 .Customize Your Home View And Lockscreen: 6 useful things about iphone you don’t know. Check It Out Now!.

Do you know you can customize your iphone and remove your health and emergency information and put it on a new background.

There are ways to do this and do it perfectly. So many iphone users today don’t know about this.

But it’s very simple and requires no technical expertise to do so.

Below are the procedures to customize your home and lock screen;

  • Go to setting
  • Choose menu
  • Tap wallpaper
  • Tap choose a new wallpaper
  • Make a decision on dynamic, live, or still image
  • Then go to location
  • Get your new wallpaper from
  • Either apple’s gallery , your camera or download from a website

This is not the only way to do it, in case you don’t like this process, there is another way you can use to do it perfectly and to your taste.

If the default setting is not ok by you, you can always make some changes.

Now this is how to do it;

  • Select a photo from your camera
  • Slide it around
  • Pinch to zoom in and out
  • Frame it the way you like it to be
  • Tap set lock screen
  • Select home
  • Change both home and lock screen
  • Change the lock screen and the home wallpaper

3 .Configure Your Face ID Appearance: 6 useful things about iphone you don’t know. Check It Out Now!.

There are so many phones with face identity, known as face ID. Iphone is among the phones.

You can enjoy your iphone using this feature and it makes everything easier for you when unlocking the phone.

It saves you the stress of typing password or using finger print that might reject your print due to your finger is stained with dust or and.

This feature is what everyone using the type of iphone with face ID uses today.

This face unlocking features is very convenient to use because once it recognizes your face and it unlocks immediately.

However, there are times, this can become frustrating when it rejects your face, may be because you are wearing mask, or winter.

Although, you can set your iphone with iOS for easy alternate appearance recognition.

The procedures to do this are;

  • Go to setting
  • Tap face ID & Passcode
  • Set up and alternate appearance
  • Follow the instruction
  • Teach your iphone how to identify and recognize your various or different looks
  • Wear caps so that the iphone will recognize it for next unlocking

4 .Set Up Your Notification: 6 useful things about iphone you don’t know. Check It Out Now!.

You already know what is notification right?. Well let me brush it up a little bit.

Notifications are those pop ups on our screen whenever a messages enters our phone or when we get an update from an App. We can even get notifications from the websites, Youtube channels we subscribed on.

Nevertheless, there are ways you can do this and get your notification setting get customized to your best taste.

In case you don’t want those notification pop us on your phone, you can switch it off from the setting.

Below are procedures on hoe to customize your notification on your iphone;

  • Go to setting
  • Navigate to notifications
  • Select the app you want to change the notifications for
  • Select from different alerts,
  • Banner style
  • Sound style and lots more

After going through this process and you wish to set your notifications in a way that each app have their own tone when it enters.

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For example, you can set dog barking as a notification tone for email messages sound, so that you will be aware of the kind of notification you are getting and where it’s coming from, does it need immediate attention or not.

5 .Get A New Ringtone With Vibes: 6 useful things about iphone you don’t know. Check It Out Now!.

Every cell phone has a default ringtone just like iphone. People tends to change it from default to whatever music they love.

 Ranging from your best artiste music or any trending music you love. But whatever may be the case, make sure you choose the best music you love.

However, some people may decide might decide to hang on with the default ringtone because they believe it’s very difficult to change. But that’s not true!.

I’ll list the procedures on how to customize your ringtone and put your favorite music as your ringtone.

Below are the procedure on how to set a ringtone on your iphone;

  • Go to setting
  • Choose sounds
  • Then select ringtone
  • Then select the one you like or
  • Add your favorite music and make it your ringtone

6 .Activate Ear Care Mode:

There’s an uproar in the eye-care community about effect of the phone screen light on the eyes.

So many optometrists has warned that you turn on the eye care mode on your phone to avoid the backlit or blue light from entering your eyes.

So it is advisable you make use of eye care made on your phone to avoid some eye complications in the nearest future.

This eye care mode is called Dark mode in iPhone. This Dark mode makes it easier for your eyes especially at night.

So there are just few steps to set this on your phone. They are;

  • Go to Setting
  • Select General
  • Select Accessibility
  • Select Display Accommodations
  • Then select Invert Color
  • Choose between Smart Invert or Classic Invert

6 useful things about iphone you don’t know: Conclusion

Note that Classic Invert is meant to reverse the color of the display while Smart Invert color is meant to reverse the colors of the display except for media, images, and some other Apps that makes use of dark color styles.

You can always go to iTunes and buy more ringtone like Mario, Ariana grande, or Celine Dion in case you don’t like the default tones you have.

You’ve seen that iphone is an amazing brand. You can use it to do a lot of things whether you just bought it new or not.

Because of it’s uniqueness iphone users have this unquenching experience of wanting to get more and more and more.

That’s why you see iphone company releasing a new model (version) of iphones every year, recently they just released iphone 13 after the high rated iphone 12 pro max.

Iphone is a very smart phone that has several features which are still strange to the users. But I believe as time goes on every iphone user will get to know what and what is in his/her phone.

The person will also know how to fully access the phone without any complications.

You’ve seen how smart iphone is, so after going through this article, I hope you don’t have any issue again regarding to this interesting topic ‘’6 useful things about iphone you don’t know’’.

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