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Drawings: How To Draw Perfectly Becoming A Pro And Making It A Career.

Drawings: How to draw perfectly becoming a pro and making it a career.

drawings: becoming a pro and making it a career

Drawing has evolved from pencil drawing to computer 3D drawing. I’m going to explain this topic very well ”drawings: how to draw perfectly, becoming a pro and making it a career”.

People who made drawing a career are living large ranging from how constructive you are.

That’s why I wrote this article to guide you on, Drawing: Becoming a pro and making it a career

Gone are in the days where you just wake up and start drawing with pencil just for fun. These days, people are making living from it.

Some can stand and draw from their imagination while others need a picture to be looking at while they draw. Whichever way, if you must draw, make sure you are perfect, and going through this article, you’ll learn how to master your drawing skills.

In this article on Legitnote, we’ll talk about Drawing: how to draw perfectly and become a professional.

First, lets talk about Art.

What Is Art?

Arts is simply defined as the process that involves the application of human creative skills, imagination and expression in form where it can be seen and appreciated. Those forms can either be sculpture or  painting.

Art has evolved from ordinary drawing to making a 3D painting with computer system in a way that it  appears to be real.

Drawing requires a very focused zeal to be able to construct an imaginable structure that can come as a human structure, animal structure, building, trees, oceans and other things of nature.

What Is Drawings

Drawings: How to draw perfectly, becoming a pro and making it a career. Drawing has so many branches, but before we go into that let’s talk about drawings first.

Drawing is defined as the diagram of an image or a picture portrayed on a paper or board with pencil or crayon without the application of paint.

A lot of people today in the United state, has a short where they draw and sell their work.

Their drawings ranges from drawing of pictures viral pictures and selling them at a higher price. They make a huge amount of money through this.

Who Can Draw; Drawings:How To Draw Perfectly, Becoming A Pro And Making It A Career.

The work of art is not limited to a particular person or particular group of people. Neither is it meant for only a race, tribe, country, or continent.

People who draws perfectly, might have it inbuilt while others learnt it as a skill.

Drawing is not very difficult as you think but with a clear picture of your imagination, you can draw very well.

People, at times says drawing it made for the only talented ones, but that is not true. Anyone can draw provided you really want to draw.

While some are born a perfect artist, others takes their time to visit the art shop and register as an apprentice.

They learn everything concerning art and drawing.

These group of people ends up becoming the most successful artist in the world.

However, they usually outshines those who are naturally endowed with drawing because they are curious and eager to learn while the other ones always think they knows it all.

How To Make A Perfect Art Drawing: Drawing: How to draw perfectly, becoming a pro and making it a career.

Drawings: How to draw very perfectly and become a pro.

There are steps to produce a perfect drawing without any flaw. Here I’m going to be listing them.

Below are the ways to make a perfect drawing.

1.Have an imagination on your head: Drawing: how to draw perfectly, becoming a pro and making it a career.

Imagination is the first thing you must have on your head if you must draw perfectly.

Unless you are drawing from a picture, you must relax, focus and think about what you are about to draw.

Create that imagination on your head.

Try to picture your imagination in your head and see how to can make it a reality by viewing all the components of the element you want to draw.

2. Make sure you have your pencil. Drawings: How to Draw Perfectly, Becoming A Pro And Making It A Career.

Pencil is one of the tools, you need. Remember, this is drawing and not painting, so you need pencil, plenty of it.

Before you start drawing, make sure you have at least, three pencils; one with a pointed mouth, one with a shattered mouth and one with a roughly sharpened mouth.

These three types of pencil mouth are very important and they are applied when their various needs are needed.

The pencil with a pointed mouth is used for making the slight drawing of the edges of the object or element you are drawing.

While drawing, it’s very important to draw the edges with a pointed mouth because that is the place that couples the image that you drawn together.

The pencil with the a roughly sharpened mouth is used for making pats of the object you are drawing.

For example, while drawing the ear of a human being, for it to look sharp and perfect, you must use a roughly sharpened mouth pencil.

The pencil with a shattered mouth is used for shading some delicate parts of the object you are drawing.

For your drawing to look professional, it must have a touch of neatness while shading.

This can only be done with a shattered mouth pencil combined with that of a pointed mouth to make it look smart.

3. Make available a drawing board

Drawing board is one of the important things you must have as a pro. The drawing board helps to hold the drawing paper or sheet.

There are some kinds of drawing board you will used to make your work more easier and look perfect.

Try and get a standing board, because there are times you will need to stand up and sketch some part of the object on the drawing board.

Drawing positions you in a way that brings the full illustration of what you are drawing.

while looking at it from a corner, it help see the full image and points out the parts you need to improve and then you’ll start to work on them.

So many people can draw without a drawing board but it is advisable you make a provision for it because that is one of the tools for a drawing pro.

4. Engage your mind during the process: Drawing: How to draw perfectly, becoming a pro and making it a career.

So many artists have ruin their work of art due to their high level of absent mindedness.

As a professional who wants to make a perfect drawing, you have to fully engage your mind in the work.

The reason you must commit your thinking and concentrate is that before you place a pencil to sketch, first of all, you must have gotten the full idea on how to place your pencil to get a figure of the part of the object you are about to draw.

Engaging your mind while drawing positions you on the level of seeing some certain mistake before you make it, then you’ll just maneuver it.

Drawing has become so tasking that one must fully concentrate if you want to impress your client who you are working for.

5. Avoid unnecessary conversation while drawing: Drawing: How to draw perfectly, becoming a pro and making it a career.

Yes over the times, you will find out that people who are aware you can draw very well will always like to visit you and treat their eyes with the stunning and amazing wonders of art you are making.

 So these people will like to be asking you some kind of questions like, why did you change pencil while drawing?, why are you bending your hand when you were drawing the tail.

some kind questions like this will make you go back in memory to think about the time you were drawing the particular part of the object they are talking about.

so you can easily make a mistake with the current part you are drawing while reminiscing on the previous part.

It is better you do your work in their absence so that you can fully concentrate and produce a perfect drawing.

6. Think like an artiste. Drawings: How to draw perfectly, becoming a pro and making it a career.

You must think like an artiste before you can make a perfect drawing. There are some errors an artiste who draws very well sees that an ordinary person can’t see.

If you are able to see these errors and make some corrections where needed, that’s when your work will appear like a 3D drawing, despite it’s a handmade sketching.

Moreover, there are some unforeseen errors which must be corrected at the end of every drawing, and it’s only a person with the mind of an artiste can see this and make some corrections.

Ones all these are put in place, you now declare yourself a pro.

Conclusion on Drawings: How To Draw Perfectly, Becoming A Pro And Making It A Career.

You can see that drawing is not so difficult as you think.

With the complete tools and applying the basic rules, you can make a perfect drawing with just a few trial.

Drawing has evolved from the normal drawing it used to be to making pencil works or sketches look like a 3D visual art.

However, people who makes the best out of drawing are usually those who have it as a career and they engaged in it with full concentration and of course it is paying.

Imaging if you draw Top Artiste like Rihanna or Drake and they like your work and buys it at a mouth watering rate, won’t it be nice?.

Now, we hope you understand everything written above concerning Drawings: How to draw perfectly, becoming a pro and making it a career.

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