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Everything about GBWhatsapp You Need To know as Soon as Possible

 Everything about Gbwhatsapp You need to know as soon as possible

GBwhatsapp is a social media platform created out from the knowledge of Whatsapp.

Before you talk about Gbwhatsapp, you’ll first of all talk about Whatsapp it’s self because that is the origin.

Whatsapp was founded by the former Yahoo employees, Acton Brian and Jan Konum.

This mobile social media app came as an ideology from two guys who always think of changing the world.

They started the plan while working at their former company, Yahoo.

Now Billions of people from all parts of the world now use it on a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, aside from normal chatting, you can also do video call, voice call, voice note etc.

In this article on Legitnote, I’ll be talking about Gbwhatsapp and things you should know about it. Remember the earlier the better and no knowledge is a waste.

First let’s talk about Gbwhatsapp.

What Is GBWhatsapp?

Have you heard about MOD before?. Remember during the time of 2go, allot of people were moding the app and changing the template to their taste.

They modified, customized, configured and personalized the app which makes it look more unique from the normal 2go everyone knows.

Now, they have started that with whatsapp.

Gbwhatsapp was moded by Has, a senior XDA member. This mod is a originally based on whatsapp plus.

However, the main whatsapp has already closed Gbwhatsapp for some various reasons best known to them.

Gbwhatsapp isvery easy to navigate. It allows you customize the appearance and features on whatsapp.

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Where Do I Install Gbwhatsapp?

If this is your question, then you have not problem. There are several platform you can download or install Gbwhatsapp.

It is no new thing that Google playstore is the home of application installation.

You can always visit it to get your favorite mobile phone application.

Aside from Google playstore, there are other websites where you can get your app downloaded. Those websites are apkure, etc.

There are so many applications you can see on Google playstore but you can’t see a real Gbwhatsapp.

When you visit the site for an app download, it will give you a warning signal that the particular app you want to download is not secured, if you agree, it will proceed and download.

As a matter of fact, you can only download this particular app’s APK.

What Is The Meaning Of APK?

Just like there are so many app that could be installed from Google playstore, there are also apps that can’t be found on Google playstore.

The reason for this is usually the lack of license to operate but many app developers do ignores this license of a thing.

If an app is operating without license from a reliable source, it can only be downloaded as an APK.

Now here is where the acronym APK comes in.

Well for the benefit of knowledge, APK stands for Android Application Pack.

It can be downloaded and not installed. There are so many websites that gives out their APK for free without any charge but they will notify you to accept every possible risk that may come up from using that particular app.

So, you’ve seen that APK is not a difficult thing to understand, and Application downloaded as an APK is not harmful the way people think.

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Features Of Gbwhatsapp

Gbwhatsapp has so many interesting features that made it very unique from the normal Whatsapp.

These features can be said to be the major attraction for people who finds it worthy of using.

The people who mod this particular mobile application installed some certain features you can’t see in a normal whatsapp.

I’ll be listing the features you can access on GbWhastaspp below;

1 .Improved privacy settings: Everything about Gbwhatsapp You need to know as soon as possible

Unlike the normal Whatsapp mobile App, you can access so many privacy settings on GBWhatsapp.

There are provisions to set your privacy so tight and secured.

The improved policy option is very important and it makes the app very attractive and amazing.

So for you to access this improved policy option, you have to download the APK of GBWhatsapp.

2 .option to hide last viewed

GBwhatsapp has so many unique features. One of them is the option to hide the last viewed.

You can view some one’s status but you don’t want the person to be notice you did, just hide the last viewed from your setting and that’s all.

You’ll be seeing their post be they won’t be aware, you’ll leave them in ignorance.

3 .You can hide message delivered

You can hide the message delivered and the sender won’t know you’ve seen the messages.

You can leave them wondering why the message they sent isn’t delivering without knowing you’ve read the message and moved on.

4 .You can hide last read receipts: Everything about Gbwhatsapp You need to know as soon as possible

When someone send you a message on GBWhatsapp, you decide to set it in a way that the person won’t be aware you’ve seen and read the message.

This is an amazing feature because it saved you the embarrassment if you don’t have any reply for it at that moment.

5 .You can hide last seen for particular/specific contacts

In as much as you online and you don’t want people or particular set of people not be aware you are online, you can make use of this option.

You can always set it in a way that people won’t notice you are online.

This usually occurs when you bare busy and don’t want to chat with anyone or someone, you can always switch it on.

6 .You can use a group name with up to 35 characters

Apart from your real names, you can uses or add your nicknames to your group name for the fact it’s not more than 35 characters.

This is needed when you join a particular group and some people knows you with different names, so you can include it for easy recognition.

6 .You can uses 255 characters on your status instead of the traditional 139

While updating your status, there is a maximum number of character you can input but GBWhatsapp has made it possible to write more than that number of character.

Normal WhatsApp use to be 139 characters per status, but Gbwhatsapp is up to 255 characters.

7 .You can recognize a message (Bulk or Normal messages)

You can discover if a message is a normal message or a single message.

When a message enters your inbox, just check through it, WhatsApp made the provision to check if a message is a bulk message or Normal message.

8 .You establish more than three chats: Everything about Gbwhatsapp You need to know as soon as possible

On Gbwhatsapp, you can establish more than three chats.

People always wonder if this is possible, but the truth of the matter is that this is truly true.

So incase you’d love to do so, kindly access to your setting and set it up and start enjoying it.

9 .You can see a message after it’s deleted

Allot of people will send you a message and something might come up and they want to take down the message by deleting it.

This message becomes deleted whether you’ve seen it or not.

But with Gbwhatsapp, you can set it in a way that they can’t delete any message for you, whether you’ve read it or not.

10 .You can see a status after it’s deleted: Everything about Gbwhatsapp You need to know as soon as possible

Just like message, people tends to delete their status after updating updating it.

But as a GBWhatsapp user, those things doesn’t concern you.

Delete a status or not, a GBWhatsapp user will still access you’re your status and keep seeing it till after the normal 24hours it takes to expire.

11 .No user can block you from seeing their status

Some people don’t want some set of fellow to be seeing their status update, especially their family members.

They does this to have total control of that status space so that they can post anything of their choice without anyone questioning them.

But if you are using GBWhatsapp, that one doesn’t concern you, you can see everyone’s status once they updates it.

These are the features that makes GBWhatsapp to be very interesting.

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Is GBWhatsapp Advisable To Use?: Everything about Gbwhatsapp You need to know as soon as possible

No one can tell for now, despite containing so many good and amazing features.

GBWhatsapp is an app which uses source code from Whatsapp without an official license.

The app can’t said to have malware or Trojan horse virus that can do some funny things that won’t look funny in the nearest future,

Despite this uncertainty, people still downloads the app on a daily basis without sending the danger they might encounter while making use of the app.

No one can boldly come out and say Gbwhatsapp is good or bad.

So if you are using any app from anywhere please apply some caution

How To Enjoy Your GBWhatsapp

You can make the best with GBWhatsapp, have the full experience and enjoy it.

To do this, you’ll have to customize it first, starting from changing the theme.

Then after that, you can proceed to change the theme colour, character colour, and wallpaper.

There are several ways to customize your GBWhatsapp with just a little creativity and people won’t know that it is whatsapp.

In fact, people will misunderstand the app with another social media app.

However, you can customize your GBWhatsapp without any stress and make it look very unique.

We hope you understand everything on this topic ‘’Everything about Gbwhatsapp You need to know as soon as possible’’.

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