How Long Does It Take To Become a Medical Doctor in USA –

How Long Does It Take To Become a Medical Doctor in USA

How long does it take to become a medical doctor in USA

Becoming a medical doctor in the United States of America, one has to be ready to spend quite some time in preparation for the career.

You have to go through some kind of academic and laboratory training while in the school of medicine.

The preparation towards becoming a medical doctor actually starts from the high school where you will do maths and science as key subjects.

There is a hierarchical order in training institution for anyone who dreams to become a medical doctor in the United States.

First and foremost, you have to have completed your basic education and have proceeded to high school.

After high school, you’ll proceed to the University/College after gaining admission there, because that’s where your journey to the medical school begins.

If your chosen specialty as a doctor requires a lengthy fellowship.

Your education might take up to 15years or more than counting from the time you entered college.

So you have to bear it in mind that you are going for real time studies while pursuing a medical career.

There are various academic stages you must take before you becomes a medical doctor in the United States of America. Below are the stages;

I’ll be listing it here on Legitnote.

Undergraduate Stage

There are stages and hierarchy in everything we do in life.

These stages may be called protocols or principles one must take before becoming anything he wish to become in life.

You don’t just become a medical doctor without passing through some laid down protocols.

Before you go to college, you must first of all complete high school before you can think of becoming a medical doctor in US.

While preparing to go to college.

You must have an undergraduate degree in courses like physiology, anatomy, chemistry, maths, biology, and any other related courses regarding to medical school.

Entrance Examination Stage

Before you proceed to medical school, you must take entrance examination.

There are so many people who’s also taking this particular examination, so there’s going to be a high level of competition.

The name of the examination is MCAT, an acronym which stands for Medical College Admission Test.

After taking the examination, you’ll proceed to submit your application to medical school.

Things to include in the application letter to medical school are college transcripts, MCAT scores, and letter of recommendation.

Make sure you work hard to be able to get a high score, medical schools are very competitive.

Medical School Stage: How long does it take to become a medical doctor in USA

Medical school in the United States Of America is four years.

Sometimes, few students offers both undergraduate and medical school program which makes them spend up to six to seven years in medical school.

There are stages in the medical school regarding to the period of time you’ll spend in the school.

 Below are those stages;

1 .First and Second Year: How long does it take to become a medical doctor in USA

During your first year in the medical school, you’ll spend your time taking lectures on some various basic medical courses.

The courses are Biochemistry, Physiology, advanced anatomy, psychology, medical ethics and medico-legal topics.

Such as how to examine a patient, diagnose illness, take medical histories.

2 .Third and Fourth Year

In this stage, the students will begin to work in the ward. They will work with patients in the hospital.

They’ll start learning how to diagnose an illness and practicing medical histories too.

They will also take their practical learning to a higher stage like examining patients but must be done under the supervision of an advanced medical practitioner.

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Residency Stage (Paid)

After successful passing through all the aforementioned stages, the next stage in line is Residency.

This stage is where you will learn how to expertise in diagnosing of illness, treatment of patients and overall medical education for a physician.

This residency program is usually done in the hospital. The residential doctor works and get paid as well.

 In this stage you’ll focus on your chosen medical specialty and the stage can last for a period of three to eight years.

Why it takes so much time like this, is because the American Medical Association made it to be so.

So that the medical students can make the best out of it.

While pediatrics and family practices takes three years, general medicine takes up to five years according to American Medical Association.

Fellowship Stage: How long does it take to become a medical doctor in USA

Specialty fellowship stage is very necessary for anyone doctor of medicine who wants to make the best out of his/her medical career.

This stage is where you go to gain expertise in medical practice.

However, you’ll spend up to three years in the specialty fellowships, which offers a specialty and sub-specialty program.

So, this is very necessary so that you can advance your knowledge to a further distance of learning.

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You are Now a Medical Doctor

Yes, after passing through all these compulsory stages you will end up becoming your dream medical doctor.

While in the medical school, you must take your medical courses serious knowing fully well that failure is not accepted or tolerated.

So try as much as possible to always make an excellence result, it will go a long way for you even after graduating from medical school.

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Making The Best Out Of Your Medical Career

Medical career is a career which those in medical line go into after the successful completion f their medical school.

They start practicing, making illness diagnosis, admitting and treating patients in the hospital.

As a physician, you can make the best out of your medical career in the United States of America.

Just take your job serious.

Try to advance your medical courses to a level where you will be trained to become expert in your various specialty.

To make the best of your medical career, you have to also be considering the area of volunteer medical outreach, like community health care.

It will add to your portfolio making you stand out among other medics.

Medical outreach can be done in the rural or less developed areas, helping the residence their get quality medical attention for free.

We hope you understand everything we discussed on this topic ‘’How long does it take to become a medical doctor in USA’’.

If you have any question regarding to this topic, drop it on the comment section, we’ll attend to it and give a reply as soon as possible.

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