The 5 Mistakes to avoid while making a car choice. –

The 5 Mistakes to avoid while making a car choice.

The 5 Mistakes to avoid while making a car choice.

There are times people want to spoil themselves and buy exotic cars.

But they don’t know the right car to buy and they also fail to find out everything about the right car to buy.

Whatever may be the case, I have written this article to help you make the right car choice when buying a car again.

We’ll be talking about cars and everything it has to do with making the right choice when purchasing it.

But before we go into that, let’s talk about Car first here on Legitnote.

What is a car

A car is a vehicle with four (4) tyres, two at the front and two at the back.

A car can come in different colours depending on the type of design it was made of.

There is no bad thing wanting to know about what he owns, beside it’s a very good idea for you to make researches on the type of cars to buy.

Some cars are very expensive while some are very affordable, in fact cheap, let’s leave it that way.

So when next you are buying a car, make sure it’s a car you are buying and not a stress or liability.

All You Must Know About Car Maintenance

As a disciplined human being, who is also a car owner, there are things you should be doing. ‘’How can you be doing these things if you don’t know about it?’’ .

So, that is why this article is very important and recommended for you.

Now as a car owner, have you been wondering how you can maintain but you don’t have the basic knowledge about?.

Below are the things to do, if you must maintain your car and want it to last long.

1 .Always Change your Engine Oil: The 5 Mistakes to avoid while making a car choice.

Engine oil of every car required to be changed regularly, so it is your obligation to change your car oil.

It’s not mandatory you must do it yourself, but it is advised you change the engine oil yourself to avoid the lube place guy screwing something up.

When you fix your car by yourself, you are quite sure of deploying every tactical carefulness compared to when another person handles it.

2 .Always Check The Dipstick:  

 A dipstick is an important part of every car. The dipstick shows you how poor your car is maintenance is.

The dipstick also shows you how bad your engine oil is and if your car has enough, small or too much oil.

So when next you want to buy a car and you gets to find out there’s a grit in the oil with the help of the dipstick, just forget about the car.

3 .Change Your Car Tire Regularly

Anyone who has a car should be able to know how to jack a car. You don’t need a school teacher to teach you this.

You should always jack your car with a hydraulic jack, and fix your tire whenever you have a flat tire.

Remember you don’t change your tire only when you have a flat tire.

Now see what I mean, let say for example, you bought a new car and the car is meant to last for four to five years.

Don’t use it more than that given year. Change the tire, whether it’s still new or rough because expiry date of anything does not determine if it was used or not, once it’d time to expire, it will expire.

So endeavor to change your car tire after every four or five years to avoid some dangers like accident and the rest of other unwanted incidents.

4 .Tight Your Nuts: The 5 Mistakes to avoid while making a car choice.

Nuts are the iron stuffs that hold every parts of the car, starting from the engine, car seats, down to the tire, etc.

These nuts are not meant to be over torque (tight) or loose either. Always make use of torque wrench so that you won’t go beyond or below the manufacturers torque range.

Don’t wait till the nuts fall of before you can tight them, no, try and always check your car nuts properly and be sure they are all tight before driving out in the morning.

5 .Change Your Radiator Hose

If you want to repair your car by yourself, it is a great idea and a great thing to do.

You must not be visiting the mechanic workshop regularly but if you witness something strange and you don’t know any or much thing about, just take the car to the mechanic workshop for experienced repair.

I hope you are aware your car has a big hose that runs from the radiator. This particular hose is very easy to change if not the easiest.

Now, with all these things written above on ‘everything you Need to know about car maintenance’’.

The 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Making a Car Choice.

So let’s go further to talk about the 5 Mistakes to avoid while making a car choice.

There are so many cars in the world today, starting from the time car was invented.

Getting the best knowledge about how this product of technology works is the best way to go while purchasing it.

However, you can see people buy a new car and after two or three years the car becomes become a scrap and you’ll keep wondering what happened.

Well, nothing happened actually, but lack of knowledge caused it.

Here, I’ll list the 5 mistakes to avoid while making a car choice.

1 .Lack of Knowledge of the Car’s model

You see, the truth of the matter is that people are too excited they are about getting a car for themselves and can now cruise the city with their new ride.

They tends to forget to forget to check and make a proper enquiry about the car they are about to buy before paying.

Yes this is true, the model of the car determines the how much could be paid to get it.

Now, it’s not only the price tag that matters, as a car owner, you should be visiting the mechanic shop if your car develops a fault right?.

So how do you feel when you get there only to be disappointed, what happened?, you can’t see your car spare parts in the market. Oh! That’s too bad.

You see how the car mode affects the car entirely.

For example, Toyota Camry 2001 model is a car model. Just imagine if you have this particular car and when it develops fault, you’ll be left with no other choice than to sell it because you can no longer see the parts in the market.

2 .They Fail To Do Drive Test: The 5 Mistakes to avoid while making a car choice.

Yes, it is not wrong to do a thorough search while buying car so ou can know if it’s n good condition or not.

When you buy his car, it is totally a new thing to you even if you already own a car before. There’ll be a sense of nervousness at first drive.

So try in as much as possible to go through a thorough drive so you can master the car and how quick or slow it response to actions.

 Please don’t be in a haste to pay and go home cruising your new car without testing it properly to avoid the 5 mistakes people makes while making a car choice.

3 .They Ignores The Car Insurance Agencies: The 5 Mistakes to avoid while making a car choice.

Car Insurance is a very good thing. You have to have in mind you are buying this car for a huge price and you can’t do without insuring it.

When you have your cars insured, there’s a lot of benefit it will fetch you.

Imagine having an auto crash and your new car get spoilt beyond repair, what you gonn’ do?, buy a new car?, or start trekking to work or school?.

That’s the reason you need to get your new car insured to avoid some expenses if something should happen.  

Below are the some car insurance agencies in the United States of America.

4 .They Buy The Car Under Pressure: The 5 Mistakes to avoid while making a car choice.

So many people are way too happy, so they have this pressure to buy that particular car without making a proper negotiation.

They end u buying the car more than they should have bought it.

Some even spend their last card to buy this car and end up a broke car owner.

When you are in a car dealers shop, make sure you sweep of the pressure to make a payment and start riding the car in the next minute.

If you bring down your price, he may call you the next day. When you do this you are super sure of having some cash left in your bank account.

Remember no sane car dealer will sell his car below the price he bought it, rather he will add thousands to it. Everyone is out there for the gain and benefit.

5 .They Buys From a Seller They Don’t Trust.

Don’t ever seal a business deal with any one you don’t trust, so that when an issue arises tomorrow, you won’t end up disappointed.

See let me tell you the truth, don’t ever buy anything from anyone out of pity. If you feel sorry for the person, do a cash giveaway for him/her; that’s a different ball game.

Because many people don’t really buy things they want when they goes to the market but things they feel pity for the seller.

Some will be like, ‘’oh! This man’s face isn’t bright, he might be going through some financial crises, let me help him by buying from his vendor’’. That’s wrong.

Remember, this is a business deal and not a play ground or orphanage home. So try to be mean and seal a reasonable deal with wisdom and with a trusted person.

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