The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery. –

The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery.

The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery.

Medicine and Surgery is a professional course which deals with the study of human body, diagnosis of diseases and treatment of patients.

Therefore many people in Nigeria have the dream to become a medical doctor in the nearest future but don’t know how to go about it.

They usually get confused when it comes to making the right WAEC (West Africa Examination Council) and JAMB( Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) combinations.

As a matter of fact, these aspirants picks the wrong subjects combination and end up been frustrated.

If you are one of those who still find it so difficult picking the right waec and jamb subjects combination don’t panic.

Don’t worry, you are the reason we wrote this particular article on Legitnote to guide you through, so that you won’t make a mistake.

Now, we be talking about Waec Subjects combination first.

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What Is Waec?

Waec is an acronym that stands for The West Africa Examination Council.

It is an examination board which prepares and conducts examination for secondary school leavers in Nigeria and other Western African Countries.

Anyone in secondary school in Nigeria should have heard about Waec even before enrolling into secondary school.

Waec has conducted this examination for several years and have been trusted by many.

However, the West Africa Examination Council made available a nine space for nine subjects which every candidate must sit for.

You must sit for these nine subjects in which five are compulsory while four are to be selected according to your choice.

Now, let’s talk about the nine courses.

The Nine Compulsory Waec Subjects

Waec has made it compulsory that any one sitting for it must clear the nine subjects at least with a pass grade.

This grades ranges from A1 to F9 depending on candidate’s performances.

The nine compulsory subjects has to do with the category of class you are offering.

These classes are not just the four corner of the room where teachers teaches the students.

But a department you are interested in, regarding to the course you want to study in the higher institution.

I’ll list both the Science, Arts and Commercial subjects so that you won’t make mistakes while filling your jamb from.

Remember, everything in this article is pointing at ‘‘The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery’’.

In every secondary school in Nigeria, there are at least three departments which are, The Science Department, The Art Department and The Commercial Department.

These various departments have their unique subjects offered in them. I’ll be listing them one after the other.

Below are the subjects offered in the science department;

•             Chemistry

•             Physics

•             Biology

•             Geography

•             Mathematics

•             English Language

And any other three subjects to make it nine.

Bear it in mind that we are only listing the subjects based on today’s topic ”The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery”.

These are the subjects you compulsorily learn in science classes as a science student.

Then during waec examination, you’ll add it up with four other subjects to make it nine.

Thus, English Language and Mathematics is compulsory for every students, irrespective of your department.

Now, I’ll be listing the subjects for Art department.

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Below are the compulsory subjects for any student offering art in the secondary school in Nigeria.

•             Government

•             Literature-in-English

•             Economics

•             Agricultural Science

•             Biology

•             Mathematics

•             English

And any other two subjects to complete it nine.

So, these are the subjects you must sit in waec as an art student.

Finally, let’s talk about those in the commercial department.

Commercial department are the classes where those students with the ambition of studying those courses that relates to business and commerce in the universities offer.

The subjects offered in commercial departments are;

•             Commerce

•             Economics

•             Shorthand

•             Business Studies

•             Government

•             English Language

•             Mathematics

 And any other two subjects to make it nine.

Now, let’s talk about Jamb (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board).

What Is Jamb?: The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery

Jamb is an acronym which stands for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

This is an examination body which is only functional in Nigeria in all African countries.

This exam body functions in a way that it affects the academic life of every student who sits for it.

However, Jamb refreshes your academic life by reading your required text books and trying to cover the syllables.

Nevertheless, there are syllables made available by jamb it’s self to help in guiding their candidates on the main topics to focus on.

Therefore, every candidate must posses that jamb syllables handbook.

Jamb examination is computer based, though it was paper and pencil in the recent years.

The examination is meant for every candidate who can provide their waec result before the admission processes kicks off.

Jamb examination is the only gateway to the university in Nigeria.

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Jamb Subjects

Just like every other examinations, jamb offers compulsory four subjects every candidates must write in the exam hall.

These four subjects are compulsory for every candidate.

Here, the course you applied determines the particular four subjects you will write.

But we are only considering those subjects in regards to this topic ‘’ The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery’’.

Jamb Combination For Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and surgery is a course any student must study if he/she wants to become a medical doctor.

Before you can get admitted to study this course, you must sit for jamb and at least have a minimum cutoff mark of 180 for some school while some school cuts 200.

In this exam, you will answer 50 questions in each subjects, apart from Use of English which is 60.

These four compulsory subjects are;

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Use of English

After sitting for this examination and you have at least 180 to 200, you are eligible to apply for the school of your choice.

After the application, you’ll also sit for the school’s PostUme Test which will determine whether you are good to go or not.

However, this is where your admission is determined whether you’ll be admitted or not.

After the PostUme, the school will publish their departmental cutoff mark, so if you have up to the cutoff mark, you’ll be admitted on merit.

You’ve seen that jamb doesn’t require you to sit for many subjects rather they just only needed only four subjects.

The combination is selected because of those subjects are the core science subjects anyone must study if he/she is going to study medicine and surgery and other related courses.

Think about it and start making preparation before writing the examination.

Making early preparations will help you go through those required text book and topics at least two times before the exam date.

Now, I’ll give you a hint on how to pass these four subjects and make good and remarkable scores.

 How To Pass The Jamb Four Subjects

Jamb/Utme is not as difficult as you think, you can make an outstanding result in it.

You just have to be to be serious while preparing.

There are qualities you should posses while preparing which we will list and explain in this article.

Note: everything written here is regarding to this topic ‘’The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery’’.

The qualities are;

1 .Hardwork

Yes, as an aspirant of Medicine and Surgery, you have to posses the quality of being hardworking all the time.

It will not only help you in the jamb/Utme examination but even when you finally gets admitted in any university to study medicine.

You already know medicine and surgery is not for the weak mind but for the serious minded students.

So while making preparation for your jamb entrance exam, also put in mind you are going to face a bigger challenge after.

However, whatever quality you input into yourself now will follow you to the university.

2 .Diligence: The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery

you have to be consistent while preparing for our jamb examination.

Consistency helps you to keep going without giving up.

So as an aspirant of medicine and surgery, you have all it take to make your preparation worth it by putting in all the effort required for the task on a daily basis.

3 .Resilience: The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery

Resilience is the quality of not giving up even when you are tired.

You keep on working. You can rest if you must, yes it’s allowed, but don’t quit.

This quality is what you must posses if you must win.

Because there are going to be a point where you will become tired and you will want to quit.

You might even get to a point where you’ll be asking yourself some kind of question like ‘’does it really worth it?’’.

Yes it doe worth it, it does worth the hassle and toil

Conclusion on The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery

Before we conclude on this topic ‘’The compulsory Waec and Jamb subjects combination for Medicine and Surgery’’.

I hope you have understand everything on this article?.

If there are things you didn’t understand very well, kindly drop your question on the comment box.

Our moderator will look at it and give you a reply with an appropriate answer to your question.


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