Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria –

Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria

Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria

Career is all about choice, either you go for your passion or you go after what you think will be lucrative. Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria

As a student, you are faced with the confusion of which career to go after, that will fetch you a living tomorrow as a Nigerian.

Well, every career I’ll be listing here is good but it depends on the one you love.

You know, some people already know what they wish to become or what they want to use their life for.

While some only goes after the career they thought it’s very lucrative. Whichever one, the main thing is to be able to put a food on your table after the whole stress.

There are so many careers you can pursue and make a good living out of it.

But the best career to choose is the one you have passion for. So go after your passion.

How To Choose a Career.

Career is not just your work but a long term business or job you do as your work that brings fortune to you.

There are several way to make a good career choice, avoid the mistake and get the best out of it.

In fact career should be all about choice, passion, and desire to achieve a particular dream, while working for it.

Below are the steps on how to choose a career without making a mistake;

1 .Have Passion For It

Yes, the best career to pursue is your passion. What do you have passion for?. so many people has passion for Medicine and surgery, law, football, accounting, music, etc.

Passion outsmarts every other thing when it comes to career choice, because it makes you work with your whole heart.

It makes you work with joy, always having the burning desire to achieve your whole dream.

However, passion is the number thing you should consider because it is believed that everyone out there have passion for success.

2 .Make Sure It’s Dream Base

When I said dream base, I mean is it your dream, is it leading you towards achieving your dream.

Passion is dream inclined, when it is leading towards ones dream, you’ll make a good career choice.

Dream are the things you see yourself achieving, the level you see yourself attaining. That is your dream.

Nevertheless, when making a career choice, try to consider your dream and passion, these are the most important things to consider while making a career choice.

3 .Can It Fetch You a Living

In as much as you want to go for your passion and dream, try and consider if that passion is capable of putting food on your table.

Can it provide the means to pay your bills, can it give you a good life?, these are the few things to consider before concluding an any career to choice.

In fact millions of people has made this kind of mistake in the recent times and end up not reaching their maximum potential.

Make a choice that will be beneficial to you and your life in a whole.

4 .Is It Applicable In Your Country

Making a good career choice is what you should do with carefulness.

Before you make a career choice, there are things to put under consideration.

Things like, the visibility of such career in your country or region, the demand of such career (services) in your country.

If what you want to go into are not existing in your country, there are possibility you could be limited.

So make proper research before making a career choice, so that in the end, you’ll be fulfilled.

Now, you’ve seen how to choose a career, the things to consider while making a career choice in Nigeria.

If you follow these processes, you won’t make any mistake while choosing a career in life.

There are so many careers to go after, but we are more concerned on only ten that we considered the best.

Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria

When it comes to career choice, one has to be very careful not to make a mistake.

There are so many careers one can pursue and make the best out of it.

These career can be life changing, ranging from passion, goal, dreams, and lucrativity.

Whatever may be the case, just make sure it all worth it.

Now I’ll be listing the top 10 career one can pursue in Nigeria and be successful in the long run.

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1 .Medical Career: Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria

It is no new news that medical career is a very big and lucrative career in Nigeria.

One could be wondering the procedures to achieve a medical career choice.

Well, there is nothing difficult in it, just make your choice and go after it.

In the recent time, you’d see people going after medical career because it’s passion but not now again.

However, if you must pursue a medical career, you must study medicine and surgery in the university.

Pursing a medical career when it’s your passion puts you ahead of others and makes you stand out when others are complaining how difficult the course it.

Medical career is a very good career to pursue in Nigeria because when you graduate from medical school, you’ll likely get a good job in the hospital and start with grade 10.

2 .Law Career: Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria

Before you can become a legal practitioner and be serving in Nigeria, you must pass through law school in Nigeria.

No matter where you school or study law, be it abroad or home, you must go to law school in Nigeria.

The law school lasts for a period of one year, after which you’ll write an examination which will certify that you passed through the school.

Practicing law in Nigeria is a very good career.

When law is your passion, you will make a great lawyer and reach your potentials.

Lawyers in Nigeria are well respected and honored because they are the one that stands and defends those who are defenseless.

So, Law career is a very good and lucrative career in Nigeria.

3 .Business Career: Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria

The world can’t do without business people. Business is life and life is business.

Every sector in the world requires business minded individuals who will bring their business ideas towards achieving a common goal.

If you are business inclined, you are very lucky, because if you can strategize well, you will be very successful.

There are numerous successful business men/women in Nigeria today who started in Nigeria before taking their business to international level.

These people have passion and zeal for their business. They are very independent and they pursue their dream and achieve their goals.

There are so many businesses one can venture into in Nigeria and make a good living out of it.

You can consider, oil business, Real Estate, Hotels and Resorts, Buying and Selling, Online Vendor and so forth.

However, Business career is one of the best and lucrative careers in Nigeria.

4 .Transportation Career: Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria

If you are a driver and you want to pursue a career in transportation, you can go ahead it’s very lucrative in Nigeria.

Transportation is a very lucrative career business people usually ignore.

For the fact that you own a commuter bus, you can make so much money conveying people from state to another.

There are so many means to make money in transportation. You can be hired for a whole day to convey a group of people from one place to another.

So if you have passion for it, why not try it out, you’ll be successful.

5 .Blogging: Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria  

Before people use to choose blogging as their side hustle, but things has changed.

A lot has changed to the extend that almost everything could be seen online.

We are in the era where you can get so many things online, things like, money, food, services or all kind, love, and you can even see a partner online.

These common things we don’t believe could be seen online now floods everywhere in the internet without you even searching for them.

So those working tirelessly to put these things online are the ones enjoying the payback.

They are called bloggers. They owns their own space on the internet as a website.

While blogging they monetizes their blogs and make a very earnings from it.

So if you have a plan venturing into blogging, have a passion for it, it requires hardwork, in the long run, you’ll be extremely successful.

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Conclusion: Top 5 lucrative careers to pursue in Nigeria

You’ve seen the kind of career to pursue in Nigeria in this era we are now to be able to make a good living. on Legitnote

These careers are hot cake, anyone who pursue it with passion will make a good living from it.

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