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What Is The Meaning Of Cele In Medical Terms?. Let’s find out!

What is the meaning of Cele in medical terms?

We can be conversant with some words but there are some certain words we don’t just know anything about, both the meaning and how they came about.

It leaves us searching for the meaning endlessly without getting tired. But thank God for Legitnote on it’s versatility when it comes to niche and content creation by compiling this article to guide you on this topic, ‘’what is the meaning of cele in medical terms?’’.

Every word in English belongs to one particular group or more.

Some function in very well in a particular category. Example of such is ‘’Cele’’.

In the medical field, the word ‘’Cele’’ is very important as it plays a role for a specific purpose.

This article will be all about the discussion of this particular medical term, ‘’Cele’’ and it’s meaning.

But, before we go ahead, let’s talk about medical terms.

What are the meanings of Medical Terms?

Medical terms are terms used by medical practitioners to describe a medical situation or condition.

There are times you visit your doctor, and you’ll totally confused at the meaning of  words  or what he or she is saying while discussing with you. Those words are what they use to describe medical condition or situation we find difficult to grab. Such words are what we call medical terms.

Medical terms are terminologies used by medical practitioners to describe the human body, the particular medical situation or condition affecting and express the procedure to remedy it.

A lot of the medical terms we uses today have their origin from Greek and Latin and secure it’s meaning on English language.

The world today cannot do without the use of medical terms, as far as health and medicine is concern. That’s the reason you’ll see a medical doctor using the terms to express himself while discussing health related matters to you.

Medical terms also make things easier for everybody, both the doctors, nurses, options, lab technician, patients etc., when describing the medical conditions. At times you’ll notice the doctor has a lot to say but he will end up speaking less as a result of making use of the medical terms.  

All the medical terms have a definite pattern. The pattern is regarded as Affix, either Prefixes or Suffixes which are added to root words to produce a particular meaning thereby expressing a certain medical condition.

The Affixes are joined with different kinds of words to produce a particular meaning. These words are refers to as root words and they expresses the part of the body system and the medical condition affecting it. Some perfect examples of such affixes are, Cele, Dys, Centesis, Hyper, Pathy, etc.

Reason For Using Medical Terms?

The function of medical terms is to describe a medical condition accurately. All the medical terms expresses the human body, or medical situation.

Medical term defines the human body system, medical condition and the problems affecting the body and the procedures performed to remedy it. It help us minimize the time we have to spend with the doctors or nurse talking about a medical condition.

Now, you have seen that medical terms are the only word that can be used to describe a medical condition precisely and also in a concise way. Example is Pancreatectomy, meaning, the removal of pancreas.

In today’s article we’ll be discussing the term ‘’cele’’ and all it has to do with medical terms.

What Is The Meaning Of Cele In Medical Terms?

The terms, Cele is written as cele–.

Cele– is a suffix. It means that it is not a complete on it’s own but must be added to a root word to produce a particular meaning in English.

Cele– is originated from the Latin and Greek which means Tumor.

In the medical field, cele means tumor.

It is added to a root word to give a particular meaning and also describe a particular meaning.

Examples Of Medical Terms that has Cele and Their Meaning

I’ll be listing the word that contains cele and what it means medically. The medical conditions it describes are going to be listed too with a thorough and concise explanation.

1.Hydrocele: What Is The Meaning Of Cele In Medical Terms?

This is simply the accumulation of fluids in the body system.  This particular condition is not inherent. The newborn babies with the condition usually do away with it after some period of time as they start growing.

Hydrocele is usually painless; at times it may become large and tenders some inconveniences to the patient.

This condition can make you uncomfortable and required to be treated as soon as possible. Hydrocele can be diagnosed medically undergoing ultrasound.

2. Hydatidocele:

Hydatidocele is a medical condition. People with this condition usually have affected brain, liver and so many other body organs due to the presence of tapeworm infection in their body.

This infection is spread through the contact with the animal faeces that is contaminated with tapeworm eggs, contaminated water and animal skin with tapeworm.

3. Myelomeningocele: What Is Meaning Of Cele In Medical Terms?

When a growing up baby’s spinal cord fails to develop properly or even close properly before the day of his/her birth, the baby is said to be suffering from Myelomeningocele.

This defect can be treated by medical surgery and also by managing the complication.

 Children with this particular condition don’t grow normally, because of the spinal cord that refused to develop along with the growth of the baby.

It is advised for any one whose baby is with this defect to visit a doctor (surgeon) for a medical surgery to redeem the baby to avoid further complication.

The symptoms for this defect are;

  1. Bowel obstruction
  2. Muscle weakness
  3. Birthmark
  4. Stiff muscle
  5. Bedwetting
  6. Deformity
  7. Paralysis
  8. Skin cyst
  9. Leaking of urine
  10. Constipation
  11. Leaking of stool

4. Variocele:

This is a condition which leaves the patient uncomfortable. It does not require any treatment so you can only do some adjustment. However, variocele is the enlargement of veins by nearby structures.

The veins are stressed out by sometimes the kind of dress you wear, exampole, wearing of skin-tight trousers, body hug of a very strong fabric.

There is no symptoms for varioceles, but anyone who experiences some enlargement of veins in some various part of his/her body system should make some kind of adjustment in the dress he puts on.

It is advised that those with this situation are to mind the kind of dress they put on and maintain a dress that gives their body a space for a particular period of time.

5. Adenocele: What is The Meaning Of Cele In Medical Terms?

This is a type of tumor that usually develops in the gland as a result of cancer. This health issue is regarded to adenocele because it has to do with tumor.

Adenocele does not affect everybody. It recur after the complete removal.

So people with this particular condition are advise to visit their doctor for medical help.

6. Rectocele:

Rectocele is a medical condition which affects allot of people in the world today. it weakens the tissue in the rectum.

 This condition is caused by stress on the rectum as a result of having strong faeces while on the toilet. It can also be caused when you are stressed while climbing a high jack bike.

If you have any sign of this condition, make sure you visit your doctor for medical treatment. Meanwhile there are various symptoms of rectocele, they includes

  1. Inability to empty bowel
  2. Constipation
  3. Leaking of stool

7. Aerocele: What Is The Meaning Of Cele In Medical Terms?

This is when the trachea or larynx is filled with gas or air. This condition is a life threatening condition that needs medical attention. If you have this condition don’t wait till it becomes worst before you can visit the doctor.

Aerocele has to do with air or gas which unconditionally fills your trachea while you are breathing.

Conclusion: What is the meaning of Cele in medical terms?

This particular question ‘’what is the meaning of Cele in medical Term?, has been addressed on this article.

You can see clearly how important the use of medial terms to describe a medical condition.

You have also seen the role cele played on the description of the body system and the medical condition affecting it.

These medical words are added to root words to make a complete meaning and also used to express the medical situation and how to remedy it.

Medical terms are simply the words, when combined with either as suffix or prefix, it denote a condition like tumor.

This particular word cele will become a complete medical term when added to a root word as an affix, it will describe and explain all the doctor could have spend hours explaining to you, that is the reason they makes use of it in the medical field.

With concise article, we can ascertain you have known all you need to know on the topic, what is the meaning of cele in medical terms!

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