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What Is The Meaning Of Chondro In Medical Terms ?.

What is the meaning of chondro in medical terms ?.

Some words are very easy to pronounce and at the same time very easy to understand, this words are called medical terms.

But some words are very strange to us when it comes to understanding their meanings.

Examples of such words are Chondro, Cele, Megaly, Dys, Emia and so on.

 For you not to be confused and understand this word perfectly, you have to make researches because they are not like the common words we use every day.

Because of this, we prepared this concise article for you on Legitnote, for your daily consumption.

We don’t want a situation where by, you visit the hospital and after having a discussion with your doctor, you couldn’t understand anything.

So, this article is for you, you don’t have to be a notice at every thing. Legitnote

The uses of medical terms are very necessary for the fact that human body system and illness is concern.

 Now, we are going to talk about Chondroand it’s meaning in medical terms.

What is the meaning of Medical Terms?

Medical terms are terminologies used to describe a medical condition.

These terms are referred to as medical words.

It is used often by medical practitioners, ranging from the doctors, nurse, lab technicians, pharmacists, etc.

There are times we come across some certain terms that we find very difficult to understand.

These terms are called medical terms.

It has a regular pattern. The pattern is affix.

Medical terms have affixes (Prefix and Suffix), these affixes functions as a term that is used to compliment a particular word.

Medical terms also have root words, because without root words, a medical term will not be complete.

These affixes can be Chondro, Penia, Emia, Pathy, Cele, Gia, etc.

They are added to root words to denote aparticular medical condition.

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The Reasons For Using Medical Terms

Medical terms functions as words used to describe a particular medical terms precisely.

We use this medical terms because it’s a safer and easier way to describe a medical condition or situation.

There are some times, when you visit the hospital and while discussing with your doctor, you’ll find out he’s using a particular word not too clear to you.

That word is called medical term. Medical terms are very important because doctors or nurses use it to describe a medical condition within a second.

By doing this they save you and themselves the stress of talking and explaining a medical or health issue.

However, the human body system is describe through the use of medical terms.

So you’ve seen how important medical terms are.

And also how the medical doctors or nurses especially uses it to describe the human body system, describe a diagnosis, describe a particular medical condition or situation.

Therefore, one could say that medical terms are very necessary in our everyday life.

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What Is The Meaning Of Chondro In Medical Terms?

The term Chondro is written as chondro

It’s a medical terms which means a cartilage.

Chondro – is a prefix, i.e, a root word is added to it to make it have a meaning medically.

Chondro Is medical term which is is usually used by the Medical practitioner in the medical field.

There are so many medical terms like, cele, penia, emia, centesis, dys, but we are only interested In Chondro – and it has to do with medical terms.

Some Examples Of Medical Terms With Chondro you don’t know.

Chondro is a medical term which has a very deep meaning and the meaning is linked to cartilage.

There are so many words with chondro.

Those words are usually medical terms, which are used to describe a medical condition correctly in the medical field.

I’ll be listing them one after the other with brief and concise explanation.

Below are medical terms that starts or ends with chondro you don’t know.

1 .Chondromata: What Is The Meaning Of Chondro in Medical Terms ?.

Whenever you are talking about or you hear someone mention “non cancerous tumor’’ just know that he/she is referring to chondromata.

However, Chondromata occurs when there’s an outgrowth of cartilage. This cartilage lines in the persistent of growth of the original and embryonic cartilage.

2 .Chondrotomy: What Is The Meaning Of Chondro In Medical Terms?

This is a medical term which simply explains the procedures that occurs during the period of dissecting or cutting the cartilage.

There several medical terms which could be heard in the hospital and there are ones which could heard In the medical laboratory.

This particular term, can be heard mainly in the medical laboratory because it involves the dissection of cartilage.

So, Chondrotomy is a medical term of dissection and cutting of cartilage.

3 .Chondrocranium

This is a medical term that focuses mainly on the cartilage, therefore, it describes the cartilage and not a medical situation.

Chondrocranium is simply the cartilaginous cranium of an embryo that occurs before ossification.

However, when you hear your doctor mention any thing about chondrocranium, bear it in mind that he/she is talking about cartilage and not disease.

So that is what chondrocranium is all about.

4 .Chondroitin: What Is The Meaning Of Chondro In Medical Terms?

Chondroitin is a medical term but not a medical condition.

It is a medical word that signifies the molecules that occur in the body, it is also one of the major components of cartilage.

Chondroitin is a medical substance that can be taken into the body but in a metered dose.

When this substance is consumed in excess, it can result to diarrhea, bloating and stomach pain.

Don’t get is twisted again when you hear your doctor say this particular word, chondroitin, now you’ve already known what it means.

5 .Chondrocyte

Chondrocyte is medical term which involves everything about the cell of a cartilage.

 There are various types of medical terms but this one is particularly talking about the medical terms that deals with the cells in the cartilage.

6 .Chondrology:What Is The Meaning Of Chondro In Medical Terms?

The study of cartilage is termed chondrology. It is mainly used by the department of anatomy in the college of medicine.

However, Chondrology is mainly used by the orthopedic section in the hospital as almost their every day word.

Therefore, one can confidently say that chondrology is the study of cartilage and it’s components.

7 .Chondrostei

This is a type of fish that habits in the sea. This fish originated from the body fish.

Chondrostei is also known as cartilaginous fish which shows a very high degree of ossification.

  So when next you hear about chondrostei have it in mind that it’s talking about a fish (cartilaginous) that habits in the sea.

8 .Chondrodite: What Is The Meaning Of Chondro In Medical Terms?.

Just as the name sounds, chondrodite is a medical terms which is simply a mineral and not a medical condition.

Chondrodite is associated with skarn and serpentinite and also a mineral known as grainy.

With this brief and concise information, I hope you now understand the meaning of chondrodite.

Conclusion on What Is The Meaning Of Chondro In Medical Terms.

Medical terms are very significant when dealing with human body system, medical condition or situation.

It is a surest way to describe the human body, the condition affecting it medically and the remedy to those conditions.

You’ve seen the importance of medical terms and how it works.

You’ve also seen how chondro is added to root words to denote a meaning medically and how it can be used to describe a medical terms.

Now, with all these write up, I hope you now understand the meaning of medical, it’s components, it’s applications and of course it’s meaning.

So when next you are in a discussion with your doctor, nurse or any medical practitioner and he/she mentions chondro, you’ll not be lost to it’s meaning again.

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