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What Is The Meaning Of Dys In Medical Terms?. Find out!

What is the meaning of Dys In medical terms?

There are words we understand very well without stress and there are ones we don’t even know what they are all about.

The words belong to their various categories in English regular pattern.

Some of these words are very important and they are used in a particular category. An example of such word is ‘’Dys’’.

In the medical field, the term, ‘’Dys’’ is used specially for a particular purpose.

Now, we’ll be talking about ‘’Dys’’ and all that concerns it with medical terms in this article on Legitnote.

However, let’s talk about Medical terms first.

What is the Meaning Of Medical Term?

Medical terms are the terminologies which are used mostly by the medical practitioners to describe a medical condition or situation in the medical field.

Have you been in a situation where you are discussing with your Doctor or Nurse and they are using some kind of words that appear very difficult for you to understand?. If yes, those words they use are called medical terms.

Medical terms are used to describe a human body, condition, situation and how to remedy it. It used to more especially in the medical field.

History says that medical terms originally came from Greek and Latin Territory and retain their pronunciation and meaning in English language.

Medical terms have regular pattern when it comes to the description. Those patterns are called affixes, either prefix or suffix which are added to produce a particular meaning and definition.

The affixes are added to the medical terms for it to become complete and produce a particular meaning. Those terms are referred to as root words. Root words refers to a particular body system or condition which affects it. Example includes, Pathy, Emia, Centesis, Cele, Dys, etc.

The Reasons For Using Medical Terms

We use medical terms because it is the only thing we can use to describe the human body, medical condition or situation accurately and precisely without wasting much of our time or beating about the bush.

Without the use of medical terms, it will be very difficult to express ourselves medically and it also save us the time of too much talk when speaking with a medical doctor, because they uses it to describe a medical condition in a concise way.

Therefore, it is very important to use medical terms to describe the human body, medical condition and the things affecting in a very concise way. A perfect example medical term is Nostalgia which is a medical condition whereby you are stock in the corner feeling homesick, or wanting to have familiar surrounding or environment. This is also known as bittersweet yearning for the things of the past.

So, Today, we’ll be talking about ‘’dys’’ and all it has to do with medical terms.


What Is The Meaning Of Dys In Medical Terms?

Dys is a medical term, which is written as ‘’dys’’ .

Dys – is a prefix. It means that the word does not stand and making on it’s own but added to a root word to produce a meaning medically.

Dys – comes from Greek and Latin words. It means difficulty or abnormality in both Greek and Medically.

It is added to words to produce a particular meaning or difficulty.

The opposite of this term ‘’dys’’ is eu –.

Examples of Medical Terms with Dys and Their Meaning.

There are so many medical terms in the world as far medicine is concern, but today I’’ll be listing only the ones that has something to do with the prefix, dys ­– and what they actually mean.

1.Dystaxia: What Is The Meaning Of Dys In Medical Terms?

Dystaxia is a medical condition which leaves  the person with it in a state of abnormal muscular coordination. This condition makes you very weak. People with is usually have these symptoms,

  1. Low stamina
  2. Shaky limb movement
  3. Lack of proper muscular coordination

2. Dysphonia

This particular medical condition is characterized by the difficulty in speaking due to the problem of vocal cord. Dysphonia makes you to have unclear speech and cracking voice. Dysphoric people experiences some kind of problem when it comes speaking and they finds it hard to pronounce a word clearly too. People with this condition usually have these symptoms:

  1. Their voice sounds weak
  2. Their breath is always in a whisper
  3. Rough voice/ hoarse voice
  4. Their voice fades away
  5. Their voice suddenly cuts out
  6. Their voice breaks off while speaking


Dysfunction simply means abnormality, difficulty, disturbance or anything that concerns malfunction of the body system.

This is a medical condition which may be caused due to some certain things like medical disorder like infections, disease, accident, bruises, sickness, etc.

Examples of the medical dysfunctions are brain dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, heart dysfunction, liver dysfunction, etc.


Dysentery is a medical condition that deals with the intestinal infection which causes some certain diseases like diarrhea, abdominal pains, dehydration, vomiting, and blood stain stool type of diarrhea.

This medical condition is usually contacted through contaminated food or drinking water.

6.Dyslexia: What Is The Meaning Of Dys In Medical Terms?

Dyslexia is a medical condition which relates with the human brain. It is the difficulty to read, understand or interpret what is written on a piece of paper.

This condition is not inheritable but the cause is not clearly stated. However, dyslexia is known to make the dyslexics, (people with it) have high hunger and urge to read but finds it very hard to understand what they are reading.


This is a medical condition which makes the eye not to adapt properly to light rays. It deals with the iris and retina mainly, it makes you to have impaired vision which results from deficiency of Vitamin A.

8.Dysarthria: What Is The Meaning Of Dys In Medical Terms?

Dysarthia is a type of medical conditions which deals with difficulty in articulation of words. This difficulty is known as the inability to pronounce words very well. People with this condition risk the ability to speak because it may result to impaired speech.

This condition occurs when you have some damages in the nervous system and it could lead to total loss of speech.


This is a medical condition which results from the disorder in the adrenal glands. When you have an unhealthy increase or decrease of the adrenal gland performance or functionality, it may result to dysadrenalism.

It is the malfunction of the adrenal gland which affects the human body.

10.Dyskinesia: What Is The Meaning Of Dys In Medical Terms?

This is the lack of coordination due to involuntary repetitive movement. Dyskinesia makes you to have problem with movement and balance which leaves you uncomfortable.

In conclusion, dyskinesia can be said to be the inability to control ones movement at any time.


Dysrythmia is a medical condition which deals with the irregular rhythm of the brain or heart due to some abnormality of the body like anxiety, sickness or nervousness.  A lot of people with this particular condition today are not aware they are with it.

12.Dysplasia: What Is The Meaning Of Dys In Medical Terms?

When your body have difficulty in the development and growth of the body organs, tissue or cell due to the medical condition called Dysplasia which usually leads to cancer.


This is a condition which causes painful menstruation. This condition is particularly for the female ones. During their period they experience some certain things like Fatigue, Diarrhea, and Nausea, etc.

 Those with this condition are advised to visit their doctor whenever they start seeing their period to the it stops for advise and follow up.

14.Dyspnoea: What Is The Meaning Of Dys In Medical Terms?.

Dyspnoea is simply a medical condition which makes a person with it to have a difficulty while breathing. If you have this dysfunction, you’ll be having some pain, shortness of breath while trying to breath.

However, this condition is suspected to be caused by some underlying sickness like, pneumonia, asthma, pulmonary disease or heart disease.

A person with dyspnoea usually have these symptoms;

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Labored breathing
  3. Having pains while breathing
  4. Pneumonia

15.Dysphoria: What Is The Meaning Of Dys In Medical Terms?.

This is a medical condition which deals with one having anxiety or restless state of mind. This condition leads to depression due to dissatisfaction. People with this condition are advised to see the doctor because once it gets to the level of depression, it could lead to suicide.

Conclusion on ‘’What Is The Meaning Of Dys In Medical Terms?’’

You have seen the importance of medical terms and how it makes the description of the human body system, medical conditions or situation easier.

After going through this article, you can attest to it that dys – played an important role in so many medical terms. As a prefix, it makes a root word to become meaningful when added to it.

Medical terms are very important. The medical practitioners use it to describe the medical condition just within a second in a way that it explains a lot of things that could have taken almost all our time to describe.

With all these write up in this article, we hope you now understand everything on ‘’what is the meaning of dys in medical terms’’.

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